Ashes Chatlog
Ashes Chatlog

Today began for you as all days begain, you awoke in your sleep cubicle and the computer instructed you to take a shower. You did this, and then made your way to the canteen where you talked to the other inhabbitant of vault 243.
Computer: Unit Otto, breakfast 255 grammes of oats, 50 ml water.
A metal tray with a bowl of steaming porrige slides out into a slot in the wall, accompanied by a BEEP
Computer: Unit Daniel, breakfast 255 grammes of oats, 50 ml water.
A metal tray with a bowl of steaming porrige slides out into a slot in the wall, accompanied by a BEEP
This is all you have ever known since your parents died two years ago. You were born here, in the vault and have never seen the outside world.
Daniel grabs the tray
Now the only people you know are each other. You take daily exercise in the gym, and perform the same routine day in, day out.
Your parents told you of stories their parents had told them, of what it was like on the surface before the fires came from the sky…
…tales of many things that you will never be able to see…
Otto: “What would porridge be without honey?”
This canteen would once have seated about fifty people, now there is just you two. Dwindling infertility took it’s toll and only your parents were able to reproduce.
Otto’s voice echoes throughout the hollow chambers
Daniel: Yes, it’s tastes… well
Daniel looks around and stares at the empty seats and seems to take them in for a second
Otto: Besides “delicious”? How does it taste to you, brother?
Daniel: It’s the best we can wish for…
Computer: Unit Daniel, 63ml Milk BZZ
Otto: Erm… Yes… Well, you are certainly in a mood this morning.
Computer: Unit Otto 75ml Milk BZZ
Daniel grabs the milk
Daniel: looks like they have determined that you need more milk… again
Daniel smiles at his brother
Otto: Ah! Yum!
Daniel tastes his milk
Otto: ooc: how does one indicate actions?
The milk is made from powder.. it tastes like long life milk. It’s all you have ever known.
DM_SP: Hold down SHIFT when you press RETURN after typing I think
Shaker (Daniel): ctrl-shift for emotes, you will notice the “Chat” changing to “Emote” “OCC” or “Act” as you press Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Ctrl-shift
Shaker (Daniel): okay the shift doesn’t do a thing :)
DM_SP: Does with GM
Drining down the milk, Otto leans back relishing the taste
Daniel: I hate this stuff
Otto: What is to “hate”?
Otto: How could it be better?
Computer: Unit Daniel, Unit Otto, you have 2 hours in the relaxation room BZZZ.
Daniel: I have started to hate the taste of it, it’s been the same for ages
Daniel: woohoo! what a surprise
Daniel pours down his milk in one smooth movement
The relaxation room gives you access to old films books and other media which is your main source of escapism in this place.
Jumping up, Otto, shouts as he begins to run out of the hall
Shaker (Daniel): I don’t seem to be able to rize the “Ranks” on the skills tab
Otto: Race ya!
Daniel: Oh no you won’t!
Ludo (Otto): click the field and use the “ball” on your mouse
Daniel jumps up and runs behind his brother
DM_SP: Don’t know what to do there.. looks like they have changed it
Computer: ah
Shaker (Daniel): weird, I can rise the “misc” but not the “ranks”
DM_SP: you have to put available ranks in first?
Shaker (Daniel): Right, didn’t notice that lower bar until now
Ludo (Otto): I did level before I did skills or feats
_DM_SP: no it does work. you click on the __ space between and you can roll that up._
DM_SP: We continue
You run through the corridors of the place, ignoring the computer’s warnings of “in the interests of safety, running is not permitted in the corridors”
You burst through the double swing-doors of the relaxation room, there’s worn couches dotted all around the room and a large screen which is where you watch old movies.
Otto: Let us keep safety “interested” — RUN FASTER!!!
to the right of the chamber are rows and rows of bookshelves.
You are free to do pretty much whatever you want for the next couple of hours.

There is a computer terminal in here where you can select pretty much any music from our era.
DM_SP: still a little rusty with the hot keys ;)
After a victory lap around a table, Otto plops into a chair and stretches
Ludo (Otto): me too…
Daniel drops into a chair next to Otto, out of breath
Otto: You should drink more milk maybe, brother!
Daniel: pheh you phew you got me there whew around that last corner
Daniel: hah, you can have my portion tomorrow
Otto: It will be my pleasure!
Computer: Oxygen supply depleted.
Breathing heavily, Otto turns to the terminal
Daniel: What do you mean by that: Oxygen supply depleted?
The computer as always does not answer.
Daniel stares at the terminal

Otto: Yes… Good question, Computer…
The computer currently says “It’s a wonderful life, 93 mins”
Daniel walks over to the terminal and wacks him with his hand

Otto: What if we listened to music while watching a movie without sound?
Computer: Unit daniel is advised not to damage government property.
Daniel: You have a malfunction, I am trying to repair you, hah!
Daniel eyes his brother
Daniel: Yes, that’s a fine idea
Computer: Repair of the SIGMA 9000 computer system is advised for trained personnel only.
Daniel: Perhaps one of 90 minutes?
Daniel eyes are big
Otto: Wait… Did the computer just respond to your question?
Daniel: did he just replied to my question…?
Otto: erm… statement?
Daniel: yeah, what ever, he just did!
Otto: Looks scared in reply to his brother’s look
Computer: Unit Otto please report to medbay 3 for scheduled amputation.
Daniel walks back over to the terminal
Daniel: what amputation?
Daniel eyes his brother
Otto: Yes… What “amputation”?
Daniel: do you know anything about an amputation?
Otto: NO!
Daniel: Sigma, what amputation??
Otto: It is me who is being amputated!
Daniel: That’s why you always have to drink more milk, they are going to eat ya hah!
Computer: Unit otto, 500g donuts BZZ.
Otto: Not laughing
Computer: Unit otto, 500g donuts BZZ.
Daniel laughs out loud
Computer: Unit otto, 500g donuts BZZ.
Otto: You choose an odd time to discover your sense of humor, brother!
Daniel: see, what I mean? They are filling you with fat!
Computer: Unit otto, 500g donuts BZZ.
Computer: Unit otto, 500g donuts BZZ.
Daniel: Okay Okay…
Daniel whacks the computer, harder this time
A slot in the wall rapidly becomes jammed with donuts.
Otto: Wait… Erm… I think the computer is “listening” to you
Daniel: Sigma, you piece of worthless junk
Computer: Unit Otto please report to medbay 3 for scheduled amputation.
Daniel: what do you think you are doing?
Otto: Walking to where his brother is messing with the computer and placing a hand on his shoulder
Otto: Tell it to cancel my amputation
Daniel: Sigma, cancel Otto’s amputation
Computer: Unit Otto please report to medbay 3 for scheduled amputation.
Daniel whacks the computer once more
Otto: Computer, cancel amputation for Unit Otto!
Daniel: ah, you rusty old can
Otto: Wait, Daniel, stop messing with it!
Daniel: no worries, bro… they won’t amputate anything
Otto: So you say!
Daniel: I’m not messing with anything
Daniel: don’t you see it had it’s best days?
Daniel kicks the lower part of the terminal
Computer: EMERGENCY, amputation required in relaxation room 2. MEDBOT 6 report to relaxation room 2.
Otto: We had best hope that it has many more good days, I think!
Daniel: oh oh
Daniel: we better run!
Otto: Oh, no!
Otto: Yes…!
Daniel looks around the room in a hurry to find anything usable as a weapon
Turning, Otto begins to run in a direction away from the incoming Medbot
There’s a computer keyboard, some big books.. a set of knee-high steps for getting the high books down..
There are only one set of doors out of the room, the ones you came in.
Daniel grabs the keyboard, pulls it out of the terminal and starts using it as a flail
Daniel runs for his brother
Stopping when he realizes there is no where to run, Otto grabs one of the high-steps and prepares to defend himself, backing away from the door
Daniel noticing his brother, stopping some distance from the door, he backs away and runs for the terminal
Daniel whacks the terminal with the keyboard, right in the middle of the screen
You can hear the servos and electic motors of the medbot as it is getting closer to the outside of the door.
Otto’s Holding the before him and ready to swing at, or defend himself from the bot
Daniel: you worthless piece of junk!
Otto’s Backing into the room
The robot pushes the double doors open and moves into the room, it’s scalpels and syringes slashing the air wildly in a way you have never seen before.
It’s caterpillar tracked, with an upper ‘torso’ with eight arms each with a different surgical instrument attached.
Medbot: Please relax, this won’t hurt a bit.
Daniel: yeah, right!
Daniel starts flailing his keyboard above his head
Medbot: Lie down and this will be over with before you can say ‘ouch’
Daniel: you worthless piece of rusty equipment, you have a malfunction, back away!
Fortunately for you this is a large room and you can easily out-run the medbot which moves at a walking pace.
Otto moves into a location that will permit him to block the bot’s caterpillar wheels
Daniel: run for it, bro!
Otto: Yes! Yes!
Medbot Moves directly towards Otto.
Daniel throws the keyboard at some vulnerable spot on the robot and starts to run
Otto moves around the bot and runs for the door
Medbot: Now then Unit Otto your record shows a history of fear of medical surgery but I can asure you there is nothing to worry about.
Medbot: This operation has a 0% chance of survival.
Otto: That is illogical! Why would I not fear it!
Daniel: Otto! RUN!
You manage to circle around the medbot and you burst out of the door into the corridor.
DM_SP: Where will you go?
Having manueuvered around the bot, Otto, with the high stairs in his hands, runs into the hallway
Daniel: we need to find a way to disable that computer
Ludo (Otto): Is there an armory?
Shaker (Daniel): I hope so

DM_SP: You can head for the gym, your cubicles, canteen, medbay, the hull door.
DM_SP: yes there is but it is locked.

Daniel: I say we go for the hull
Ludo (Otto): Have we ever been through the hull door?
Otto: Yes!
Daniel starts running
Otto: Otto does as well, heading for the Hull Door
You run to the opposite side of the complex, and reach the huge, circular hill door.
Daniel looks around the place to find a way to open it
Daniel eyes his brother

Computer: Please be advised the surrounding radiation levels are far too high to sustain human life. Typical half-life of 6,300,253,343,232…ERROR
Otto: Looking at the door, Otto seeks a lock/open mechanism
Computer: years
Otto: This is going to sound odd, Daniel… But what if it is wrong?
Daniel: wrong?
Otto: What is the information the computer has been giving us is wrong?
There is a large red lever behind glass to the side of the door. Writing above the lever reads ‘CAUTION
Otto: If it has suddenly gone bonkers today, perhaps this situation has been building for a long time!
Otto: Maybe it is not poisonous out there!
Medbot ‘s tracks squeak as you hear it approaching from behind you.. although you can’t see it yet.
Daniel: could be, and if it is… we would probably survive there longer than we would inhere
Daniel: now pull the lever!
Computer: Unit Daniel, 2kg of dried apricots BZZ
Otto: Nodding his head resolutly, Otto opens the door
Medbot: Ah now there you are, you can’t put this off forever you know.
Daniel: shove those apricots where the sun never shines, you worthless junkyard!
Otto: Taking a deep breath
Medbot Sharpens scalpels against each other making sparks
Otto: But brother, you love apricots!
Daniel: not anymore!
Daniel eyes the robot, getting ready to run
Otto slams the red lever downwards, and after a second there is a hiss of escaping air, and then a heavy clunking sound.

Daniel: Run through the door! Go! Go! Go!
Then the huge metal door rolls to the side, you are amazed at it’s thickness, wider than the height of a man.
Daniel runs through the door as soon as he’s able
When the door opens, Otto glances at his brother and dashes through the awesome door
You run outside and find yourselves at the bottom of a tall flight of stairs. You have never seen real stairs before. A way up at the top of the stairs, you can see bright, white light.
Medbot stops in the doorway.

Medbot: Please come back, for your own health.
Daniel halts as he no longer hears the movement of the Medbot
Daniel glances back at the robot

Otto hears nothing including the lack of Medbot movement — He keeps running towards the light
Daniel sighs
Daniel runs behind his brother and climbs the stairs towards the light
You run up to the light, pretty soon it’s not just light.. you see clouds.. huge rolling dark clouds and then you can see the land.. a vast plain stretches off to mountains in the distance on all sides.

Once Otto’s at the top of the stairs he stops. Stunned
Soon you see the world outside the vault for the first time…
Daniel halts at the top of the stars, mouth open, amazed by the looks of it
Daniel: is this… Otto?
Daniel: Do you think this is the… surface?
Otto: Turning around to take it all in
Otto: It certainly is…
DM_SP: A good place to leave it for tonight.
Shaker (Daniel): aye
DM_SP: As a first stab adventure.
Ludo (Otto): Cool
DM_SP: you have fun?
Otto: Yes. Clever bit
DM_SP: (after we got set up etc.)
Shaker (Daniel): Extremely
Ludo (Otto): Interesting ideas
Shaker (Daniel): we didn’t even had to roll a single dice, wich was great
Medbot: hehe
Ludo (Otto): Very much fun! Thanks!
DM_SP: plenty of that to come. We didn’t even use the minis / maps / pad.
Otto: creeeepy medbot…
Daniel: very creepy
Daniel: an old piece of junk :)
Otto: lol!
Daniel: heh
Otto: can you read our character sheets, SP?
Medbot: yeah
Medbot: You got the shared books now?
Shaker (Daniel): nope, no books
Otto: me neither
Otto: Library is empty
Medbot: how about now?
Otto: blank
Daniel: nothing
Campaign saved.
Shaker (Daniel): I was wondering… can we save the chat?
Otto: good question!
Medbot: it saves it atuomatically
Otto: How do we access it?
Medbot: keep an eye on that books folder, it has to sync em
Otto: what is one of the books therein?
Medbot: in the FG directory, there will be an XML file called CHATLOG.XML
Medbot: er in the campaign folder in the FG directory
Medbot: Well I had best get going, thanks for the game all, glad you liked it!
Otto: The character I’ve created here is the one I did using PCGEN..
Otto: Oh! Good night!
DM_SP: Once I have copied all of the old tokens and generic maps over, this should be awesome.
Otto: I look forward to using it
DM_SP: Yeah that should be fine Ludo.
DM_SP: It’s pretty cool.
Shaker (Daniel): indeed it is
Shaker (Daniel): see you next session, guys
Shaker (Daniel): is there a session next week?
Otto: Yup! Have a good week!
DM_SP: Although we will have to get used to the new combat tracker shaker.. it’s meant to be much improved.
Otto: We could try
DM_SP: Yeah and you guys.
DM_SP: See yer
Otto: nighty night!
Shaker (Daniel): night night!

We finished last session as you had fled the bunker where you’d lived all of your lives.
This is the first time you have ever ventured out of the complex, the first time you have ever experienced the open air.

Otto: ooc: can we quickly go through the chat controls?
The bunker is built into tall mountainside behind you, while in front, the moutainside descends towards a pock-marked dry desert. Mountains are visible on the horizon to your west and to the south the dry desert opens up into an even vaster arrid space.
GM: Try holding down CTRL SHIFT and ALD when you press enter
GM: I think CTRL and SHIFT are for EMOTE
GM: not sure what all the player controls are tho.. slightly different from the DM ones.
Ludo (Otto): ok
DM_SP: Right all, you should be able to see the CAMPAIGN MAP now can you?
DM_SP: It has a skull in the middle.. let me know when you can see it..
Shaker (Daniel): yep
GM: Great
Campaign saved.
GM: Can you see the red pin in the middle too?
GM: oops
Shaker (Daniel): it’s gone
DM_SP: yeah my bad.
DM_SP: can you see the red pin?
Ludo (Otto): I was having a hard time posting here
Ludo (Otto): I see the map, though
DM_SP: cool I need to know if you can see the red pin in the middle. If you can’t then I have to manually share all images with you you see..
Otto: NO
Shaker (Daniel): I see a skull but no red pin
DM_SP: ok cool
Otto: Skull yes, no pin
DM_SP: at least I know.
DM_SP: We continue.
Shaker (Daniel): does our suit offers any kind of protection?

Otto Looks about with a somewhat haunted look on his face
The sun throws long shadows off the mountains to the East, and glares brightly in your eyes as you take in the vastness of the scene in front of you.
DM_SP: No, it’s fairly warm though
DM_SP: FYI the party can travel 1 square per day .. 2 squares forced march.
Ludo (Otto): Moves forward looking about in wonder as he does so

Otto: Where do we go?
Daniel Looks around wide-eyed
Daniel looks at his brother

Daniel: I… I don’t know… is this the… surface?
Otto Looks back at Daniel
Otto: It must be…
Otto Looks up at the sky
There mountains look magnificent.. to the southern horizon the land falls under a mysterious patch of dark clouds, which flash and rumble with purple lightening.
Otto: That is the sky, isn’t it?
Daniel: Yes… I think so… do you see those dark clouds over there?
Otto: Yes…
Daniel: We better stay away from them…
Daniel: do you see those lightening flashes? It’s looks the same as the pictures we saw in the recreation room
Otto: Which ones?
There is a gravel trail which snakes it way down to the valley floor below.
Otto: There is a path here…
Daniel nods
Otto: If those are clouds, they will go wherever the winds blow them, won’t they?
Daniel glances back at the entrance
Daniel: aye… I guess so
Otto: Isn’t that what the Climatology program said?
The square opening to the bunker falls into blackness.
Daniel: Otto… I don’t know if we are doing the right thing…
Daniel: it could be dangerous out there
Otto: It will be dangerous…
Otto: It has to be…
Daniel: Yes, you’re right
Otto: But things were… Well, they were becoming impossible back there.
Daniel: Well… It’s either, killed by that mad computer down there, or being killed by something unknown ahead
Otto’s Putting his hand on his brother’s shoulder
Otto: Here is to the unknown, Daniel!
Daniel: aye!
Daniel: Let’s follow that path and see where it takes us
Otto: aye. Let’s go!
Daniel: I hope we find something usable as a weapon soon, though…
Daniel starts walking
You set off and begin to make your way down the gravelly path. There mountainside is strewn with heavy rocks of all sizes.

Otto catches up and follows
The walk takes you longer than you first thought… and it’s a few hours before you reach the valley floor.
The sun is hot on your skin and you are beginning to feel thirsty.

Otto: It occurs to me, Daniel, that we will need to find water…
Otto: and food.
Daniel nods
The arrid plane stretches out.. from here you can follow the mountains north-east and south-west or you can break away from the mountains and travel into the open plain.

Otto: erm… How do we find them?
Daniel: if it wasn’t for that crazy robot…
Shaker (Daniel): do we see anything close to a plant?
Otto: Not so many…
The ground crunches undefoot.. there is little vegitation around and that which you can see is litchens or grasses.
Otto: Nothing that looks edible.
DM_SP: Will you continue walking in any direction?
Daniel: aye, the landscape doesn’t look like the pictures we saw in that bunker
Daniel: there are no plants
Ludo (Otto): continue to follow the path if it is there…
Shaker (Daniel): I guess so
The path trails out onto the open plain.
Ludo (Otto): at the end of the path is there anything that looks like a path?
Ludo (Otto): gotcha

Otto: Where do we go now?
Daniel: I wonder… do we dare to cross that plain?
Daniel: it’s all open to the sun and such
Otto: Well… Where else do we go?
Otto: Perhaps there is water out there somewhere?
Otto: Water would flow from the heights after it rained, no?
Daniel: perhaps we should stay in the mountains, I guess we could find a cave or something to escape the heat, as for food… I guess you’re right about the water
Otto: What good is shelter without food and water?
Otto: And it is not so hot or cold…
Daniel peers around to see any sign of a pool or something like that
The reddish cracked earth stretches out away from the mountains. There’s no visible sign of water yet.

Daniel: I see no water…
Daniel: not down the plain, nor near the muntains, so… I guess
Otto: Right. Me neither.
Daniel: I doesn’t realy matter where we go
Otto: Right…
Otto: Well, the path led down here, so people must have lived here once.
Daniel: hmm… possibly
Daniel: let’s cross the plain and hope for the best
Otto: Agreed
Daniel follows his brother, while constantly glancing around worriedly
Otto leads his brother, while constantly glancing around worriedly
You take the path and risk open terrain. After some time passes, you notice that the sky is beginning to grow darker, and the sun has moved across the sky and now warms the back of your neck.

Daniel: It’s getting dark
DM_SP: SPOT checks please.
Daniel: Spot [1d20+7 = 23]
Daniel: test.
Otto: [1d20 = 9]

Ludo (Otto): oops +3 = 12
Shaker (Daniel): you can click and drag the number from your skills tab to the modifier next to your dies

Daniel: You can see a cluster of buildings on the far horizon, if you pressed on you could reach them but you’d arrive late in the night.
Daniel: Spot 7
Ludo (Otto): yeah, remembered that too late
Otto: Thanks.
Shaker (Daniel): seems you can drop it here also :)

Daniel: Otto, do you see that?
Daniel points
Daniel: are those buildings?
Otto: What?
Otto: I don’t know… I can not see anything… Lead on!
Daniel: if you point them out to Otto he will see them.
Daniel points at the horizon
Daniel: there they are
Daniel: I guess we could reach them if we press on
As Daniel points them out to him Otto can make out a small cluster of buildings on the far horizon. A fair distance away, at this rate if you forced yourselves to keep going you’d reach them late into the night.
Otto: Let’s go!
Daniel: but we’ll probably arrive late at night
Otto: We’ll arrive later, if we spend much more time talking about it!
Daniel: yes, what can we loose…
Daniel leads the way
Otto follows
You walk late into the night. At this forced rate you will lose 1 point of temporary CON until you rest.
DM_SP: Will you press on until you reach your destinaton?
Otto: Yes
Campaign saved.
Rad Zombie: [2d10 = 17]
Shaker (Daniel): indeed we will
GM: ok
Shaker (Daniel): you mean 1 point of damage to con? CON 13 = 12 right?

Your heads hurt from dehidration, and you are weary from walking for so long, but later that night at what-time-you-don’t-know, you arrive at a junction in the path.
_DM_SP: Yeah
Daniel: where are the buildings?
Otto: I don’t know… You are the one who saw them!
You can just make out the cluster of buildings in the darkness ahead.
Otto: Is that them? It must be…
Daniel: Do we follow the route ahead until we reach the buildings?
Daniel: Yes I guess so…
Before long the buildings loom in front of you… black shapes in the darkness.
Otto: There is only one way to know for sure, let’s move on!
Daniel: hey! what’s that!
Daniel eyes the shapes
Daniel: what are those?
Otto: We should be careful… We do not know what we’ll find here.
Next the a tall barn of a building appears to be some sort of yard… the yard is walled by rusty car-wrecks.
the whole area is surrounded by chicken-wire. To the South-East of you, a smaller sized building can be seen.

Daniel: perhaps we can find some food over there and water, please let them have some water
Otto: Yes. There must be a gate.
Daniel: It looks so strange… not like those images and video’s we saw back in the bunker
Otto: Yeah, but how could it not?
A hollow breeze whisltes through the chicken wire making an eerie sound.
Daniel: Be careful as we move on, Otto.
Otto: Let us look for a door.
Daniel: They could be hostile!
ooc you should be able to move your counters.
DM_SP: the squares on the grid are 5m each.
Shaker (Daniel): cool they fit to the grid :)

Daniel watches Otto’s back
Otto is looking around for any signs of life

You can make out an entrance into the large barn-like building in it’s North Eastern wall. The structure to the South East appears to be a motor home (not that you’d ever have seen one of those.
You hear nothing.
apart from the sound of the wind.. no signs of life.

Daniel: what an eerie place
Daniel: let’s enter this building, right?
Otto: Aye.
Otto: Yes.
The door to the building is closed. You see no light from inside.
Daniel: knock it.
Otto: Tries the door — is it barred
The door-handle turns under Otto’s hand, and with a lonely creak, it swings open.
Daniel enters behind Otto
Otto moves slowly, with care
There is very little light at the moment.. the doorway leads into blackness. You are feeling your way forwards for the most part.
Daniel: calls out: Anybody here?

You feel something at waist height.. a table or a bench.
Daniel places his hands on the surface of the table
Otto moves slowly back towards the door in search of a light switch
Daniel feels around on the table… something rolls off the table and lands on the floor with a metalic clang followed by something else which spills small somethings everywhere.
Daniel: What was that!?
Otto feels around in the darkness.. and soon locates the light switch.
Otto: I don’t know, you’re the one that made the sound… I think I’ve found a light switch!
Otto: tries the switch
Daniel: press it!
There is a ‘click’.. nothing else happens.
Daniel: right…
Otto: Well, that explains that… No power here.
Daniel ducks down to grab a little something from the floor
Daniel: I hope it’s edible
Otto: What? What are you talking about?
Otto kicks something which rolls making a hollow metal sound. Daniel feels around on the floor then suddenly has a sharp pain in his hand.
Daniel: I’m trying to grab one of those little thingies
Daniel: AAAaaah!
Daniel: jumps back up!
Daniel: what the hell!?
Otto: Otto goes down to a knee to find what he kicked
Daniel: you feel something stick in your hand.. it’s a small tack of nail.
Otto: What? What was that?
Otto: Are you hurt?
Otto: You feel around on the floor, then your hands meet with something cold and metal.
Daniel: a nail!? it’s a damn nail!
Daniel throws the nail on the floor
Otto Picks up cold and metal item and looks at it closely
Otto: your fingers close around it.. it’s a heavy bar of metal of some kind, weighs around 2kg.
DM_SP: I will have to change the emote color of this ruleset. Will do it for next game.
Otto: I have found a bar… Perhaps we could use it as a hammer
Shaker (Daniel): Daniel actions are emotes wich is control-shift at the same time
Ludo (Otto): Yes, each time I attempt to make it work, it does not
Shaker (Daniel): and occ color, please SP
Otto: you can put that down as a ‘club’ in your inventory. It’s actually a heavy wrench.
DM_SP: Wilco
Shaker (Daniel): it’s actually ctrl-shift-enter I guess
Ludo (Otto): yes and refuses to work for me
Daniel test
Daniel: you can also use /e as an emote
Ludo (Otto): ok, thanks!

Daniel: what did you found back there?
Daniel holds his hand and tries to stop the bleeding
Otto: Well, we now have tools to build another building…
Daniel: great!
GM: /w daniel it’ won’t bleed for long that, only a prick.
GM: er
DM_SP: it’s caps-sensitive.
Shaker (Daniel): it is?
DM_SP: player names are, yeah.

Otto Moves forward carefully to where Daniel stands
Otto bumps into Daniel.
Otto: Oh, sorry!
Daniel: how about we each grab a side of this room in search for some food instead of more of those hey! watch out will ya?
Otto: This seems to be a storage area. For machinery… Not likely to be food here, is there?
Daniel: I know, but I’m a bit desperate…
Otto: There’s another building out there. Let’s look at that.
DM_SP: Search checks please if you want to search the room.. although it will be hard in this light you can try it..
Daniel: yes, I guess you’re right
Otto: Come. We can come back tomorrow morning.
Daniel: let’s first search the other building, we can always return
Daniel: aye
Otto: In the light of day…
Otto moves carefully back to the doorway and then towards the other building
Daniel: I guess we can make it until tomorrow with the power of our milk and… my god! why didn’t we take those donuts with us!
There is a sound, like someone’s shoe scraping on a concrete floor and it came from the Western corner of this room.
Otto: Daniel, come, we must focus here.
Daniel: Otto? Was that you?
Daniel: Do you still have that bar?
Otto stops and listens
A dull, wailing moan sounds out in the room with you.. then another shuffle and a crunch of something underfoot.
Otto: Daniel?
DM_SP: slash and e the other way around otto
Daniel: Eh, let’s run!
Ludo (Otto): I’m unsure where I am
Ludo (Otto): have I made it to the door yet?
Shaker (Daniel): have I?

The door leading oustide can just about be made out.. you run for the door and are soon outside.
Otto closes the door once Daniel is out
Daniel runs for the cover of something
There is a crash as something is knocked to the floor inside.

Otto: Leans against it
Daniel hides behind some rocks, if I can find any
Another moan.. it’s the sound of anguish and pain and terrible suffering sounds from within the place.
Daniel: Otto!?
Daniel finds a hiding place behind a stack of crushed, rusted cars.
Ludo (Otto): is there any force on the door? Is somebody trying to come through it?
DM_SP: Not yet

Daniel: OTTO!!
Otto continues to lean his weight against the door to keep whomever is on the other side from coming through
Daniel glances back at his brother from the safety of the carstack
_Otto: You hear shuffling footseps getting nearer to the door.. then there’s a clatter as something else clatters to the ground inside. _
Whatever it is moans from within the workshop.
Daniel nervously looks at his brother
Otto holds in both hands the metal club as he leans tensly against the door listening to the awful moaning
Otto: you feel something turn the door handle, then something bumps against the door.
Something bumps into the door Otto is holding shut.
Daniel starts looking for some kind of weapon between the wrecks
Otto leans as heavily as he is able — his entire weight — against the door
Again something bumps into the door, and Otto.

Daniel: You can see an old car-jack on the floor. The handle might make a useful club.
Daniel grabs an old car-jack and jumps up
Daniel: I’m coming, Otto!
Daniel runs for his brother, armed with the car-jack as a club
Daniel bumps into the door, and tries to keep it shut with all his might
Something rattles the door violently as Otto pushes it closed with all his strength.
then… it stops.

Otto Sweating and tense, he remains against the door for several minutes without moving
Soon all you can hear beyond the eerie moaning breeze is your own breathing.
Daniel eyes his brother while keeping the door shut with all his might
Daniel whispers frustrated to his brother

Daniel: why didn’t you run for cover!?
Otto whispers equally frustrated
Otto: So that it could find us out here?
Otto: This is IT’s home, isn’t it?
Daniel: Well, at least I was hiding so we could see what it was… but now… look us standing here
Daniel: we can’t hold this for ever!
Otto: Fine. On a count of 10 roll to the right. If it still want to come out, it will and we will see what it is.
Otto: Otherwise, we will know that it is stupid and we were able to convince it not to come out.
Daniel eyes his brother for a moment
Daniel nods

Daniel: yes let’s do that
Otto still whispering
Daniel equally whispering

Otto: Right… 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10!
Daniel rolls to the right
Otto at 10 he jumps forward and spins to face the door, so that if the door opens he will have a swing at the creature
Daniel is holding his car-jack
On Otto’s count you dive clear of the door and come to your feet brandishing your make-shift weapons…

Ludo (Otto): (Otto did not go to the right)
DM_SP: Put your tokens where you rolled to.. you can travel 10 feet (2 squares)

You stand there, breathing heavily and waiting for some movement from within.
Daniel: If it won’t come out, I’d like to take some cover behind those cars and watch that door for a moment, it won’t know where we went if we’re lucky…
Then, you see the door handle begin to slowly turn and with a creak that chills your spine, the door swings slowly open.
Ludo (Otto): I’ve lost my token
Daniel: Otto! … it’s moving…
DM_SP: ..and that is an excellent place to end this session.
DM_SP: (as I am up early tomorrow)
Ludo (Otto): Ok. I wanted to be on square closer to the door
Shaker (Daniel): great cliff-hanger!
DM_SP: Hope you had fun with that
Campaign saved.
Ludo (Otto): Yes!
DM_SP: Ok will move your chap
GM: there?
Otto: I need to become more adept at this
Ludo (Otto): 1 square rather than 2
DM_SP: Yeah this ruleset is 3rd party, but it’s not bad. If I change those chat colours it’ll be fine.
DM_SP: You can move the tokens I think..
Ludo (Otto): I can’t move mine it seems to have faded out
Ludo (Otto): I can move Daniel’s, but not mine
GM: oh odd.. NM we are finishing now anyway.
Ludo (Otto): Indeed!
Shaker (Daniel): OCC definatly has to change color, it’s a bit too confusing
DM_SP: Next time we play this, we won’t have such a mess-about at the begining because we are all set up now.
GM: Aye OK
Shaker (Daniel): I can move Otto too, I think…
DM_SP: Hope you like the camp. map I made for you..
Otto: Sounds good!
Shaker (Daniel): oh yes, SP it’s very nice quality :)
DM_SP: although you can’t see much of it.. it’s huge.
GM: Quick peek
Ludo (Otto): Yeah. It’s depressing!
GM: hehe
Shaker (Daniel): wow quite impressive
DM_SP: suitably
DM_SP: I hope
DM_SP: Well FG should save everything exactly as we leave it.
GM: If only you could find yourself some SMGs ;)
Shaker (Daniel): btw, didn’t mention earlier, but the library is empty…
Otto: my thought exactly!
DM_SP: Hmm need to suss that out.
DM_SP: Have you checked again.. takes a while to trans. I think
Daniel: yep, plain empty
Campaign saved.
GM: try again?
Ludo (Otto): yes, libray is empty
GM: gah
GM need to work that one out.
Ludo (Otto): no problem
Shaker (Daniel): aye, but it’s not that important I guess
DM_SP: Right, well I have to go now. Thanks for the game everyone.
Daniel: yep, it was great
DM_SP: I will sus it, don’t worry.
Shaker (Daniel): see you next session everyone!
Otto: yes, good night all!
GM: Good stuff. See you next week
GM: Night night
Shaker (Daniel): bye bye!

Daniel is laying down in the sand
Daniel puts his hand onto his forehead, which is soaked
The sun is virtually overhead. We begin at the yard where you fought the zombies. Daniel is sick.. he’s scratched, pale and beginning to sweat.
The corpse of a rad-zombie lies face down in the dust, in the middle of the yard. Green ooze hangs of the wrench which Daniel is holding.

Shaker (Daniel) how’s my hand? is it infected already?
Otto: Leaning down Maybe you should clean that thing..
Shaker (Daniel) I seem to have fallen on a nail ;)
Daniel sighs
Daniel what… thing?
Daniel you feel shaky.. and you are cut. No obvious signs of infection yet.
Otto Your club…

Daniel Oh… drops the thing this old… whatever it is…
Otto Yeah… Okay, we need to find some water. You should wash up…
Daniel It stinks… that’s right…
Daniel w…water?
GM Roll search please.
Otto [1d20 = 8]

Daniel p…perhaps it… wasn’t such a good… coughs heavily
Daniel keeps coughing
Daniel spits out some pus
Daniel I… don’t think we’ll manage…
Otto Looks around nervously Yeah, well, no, maybe you should keep spitting…
Otto Get that stuff out of your system…
Daniel s…should have… stayed with… the medbot…
Daniel spits again, normally this time
There’s a half-full barrel of rain-water. Mosquito larvae wriggle into it’s depths when you get close. The only other thing you find of use is two old cans of lemonade.
Otto Ha! As if having your head amputated is any better?
Otto Look, here’s some water. Come wash yourself.
Daniel n… no… but it… it’s much… coughs heavily faster…
Daniel make a CON check when you have a chance please.
Daniel w..weren’t we in… hangar… two… t… two coughs two hundered and something… ?
Otto What? What do you mean?
Daniel Constitution bonus [1d20+1 = 20]
Daniel coughs
Daniel your cold sweat subsides.
Daniel spits out some more pus
Daniel ’s sweat seems to have stopped flowing
Daniel washing your face in the water seems to help.
Daniel I… mean…
Daniel grabs some more water and washes his face, neck and hands
Otto Looking around nervously for more zombies, etc.
Daniel where the heck are… those other… twohundered hangars?
Otto the coast seems clear.. for now.
Daniel your wounds will need to be tended to soon.

Otto …I don’t know… Why would they be any better than what we escaped?
Daniel Hah… haha… coughs never… thought I would… ask this… hah!…
Daniel coughs
FallenAngel roll INT checks when you get a chance please.
Daniel b… but Otto… could you tend my… wounds… please? I.. I’m unable… to…
Otto Yes, yes… Here, let me see…
Daniel [1d20+10 = 27]
Shaker (Daniel) lol
FallenAngel ok otto needs to roll an heal check.
Daniel Intelligence bonus [1d20 = 18]
Shaker (Daniel) you may use the first one too, sp
FallenAngel heh
Shaker (Daniel) I have no bonus
Otto [1d20 = 20]
FallenAngel which roll was that Otto?
Otto I don’t seem to have medicine or healing skill on my sheet, so…
Otto That was my role to help Daniel…
FallenAngel it’d be an unskilled attempt then
Shaker (Daniel) guess you could use treat injury.. without anything :)
Otto Oh, I didn’t see Treat Injury — +1 is my mod.
Shaker (Daniel) ooh nice one :)
Otto (whew!)
Shaker (Daniel) luckily it’s me who’s sick… for you :p
GM Nice
FallenAngel Let me look that one up.

Daniel coughs a little less now
Shaker (Daniel) what time is it?
Otto We’ll need to find some place to rest…
Shaker (Daniel) in game I mean :)
Daniel I…I’m fine… where I am…
Otto If you say so… looking around again
Daniel If… I… If you realy wanted to… I guess…
Daniel I guess… I could try to stand up again… I
Daniel I don’t know…
Otto Without equipment, the best you can do is to examine his wounds. He is covered with deep gouges… and some of the wounds have traces of the glowing green ooze. You suspect it’s radioactive.
Daniel W… want me to… s… coughs heavily
Otto it occurs to you that there would be medical equipment.. and a decontamination chamber back at the vault.
Otto Use the water to clean all of the glowing stuff
Otto Back at the vault… Um, maybe we should go back?
Otto That glowing stuff… It may be radioactive.
Daniel spits out a little yellow stuff
Otto We should get you to the decontamination chamber.
Otto Come, sooner is better than later!
If there’s one thing which every vault dweller knew, it was the dangers of radiation. The libraries contained masses of invormation about the aftermath of nuclear war.
Daniel de… decon… what?
Daniel you… you… think I’ve… g… got that?
Otto Well, their pus did glow and look at what you’ve been spitting up since being hit.
Daniel oh no…
Daniel tries to stand
Otto Helps get Daniel to his feet
Daniel and… the med…?
Daniel medbot…?
Otto Come on, Dano, we shall deal with that when we are back there.
Daniel or… an… another hangar?
Otto I will unscrew that thing’s head if it gets in our way.
Daniel w…weapon… we need a… weapon
Otto We’ve killed plenty today, we know we can do it.
Daniel ah… see how I look…
Daniel I…I’m a … mess
Otto laughing Danny, I have a wrench and the Medbot is a machine, what more do we need?
Daniel you should l…leave me here….
Otto No. Stop it. Come, back we go!
Daniel it’s…. such… a long way!
FallenAngel It’s a 2 day walk from here back to the vault. Do you want to head straight off?
Otto Aye, and if we do not start walking now it’ll be even longer before we get you back

Daniel I… don’t think… I’ll manage….
Otto (Otto) what do we know about Radiation sickness, do we have time to wait?
Daniel I need… rest…. soon…
Daniel I… I’ll try…
Otto Lean on me and I will help you…
Daniel leans onto Otto while exerting him further
Daniel w…water… did you grab some?
Otto Here’s some lemenade. I’ll bet it is delicious!
Daniel aye…
Daniel do I need to roll con with a penalty for my exertion?
You crack open one of the cans of lemonade. The print on the outside of the can has faded through time. The lemonade is paletable.. if a little odd-tasting
FallenAngel Yes please
Shaker (Daniel) is there a penalty?
FallenAngel no
Daniel Constitution bonus [1d20+1 = 5]
GM [1d4+2 = 4]
GM 4
Daniel You become weaker and weaker as you walk. Pain twinges in your side from one of the deeper cuts.

Daniel I think I healed? My hp’s gone up from 11 to 15 :)
Daniel whinces in pain. You travel about 1/2 of a day’s distance. It takes you until nightfall.. and Daniel can’t make it much further.
Daniel no that’s how much damage you have.
Daniel damn that much? :)

Daniel s…stop…
Daniel cries out in pain
Daniel I… can… go…
Daniel coughs
Daniel no further…
Otto Careful not to show the worry he feels We’ll rest here. A good night’s sleep will help you.
Daniel It’s d…dangerous… It’s… foolish….
Daniel leave… me… I tell ya….
Daniel coughs and spits out something bloody
Otto And then what? What else have I do do, Daniel?
Daniel I… I don’t… know… we… we are … sitting ducks… we are… running circles…
Otto Stop wasting your breath on trying to convince me. I’m not going to let you die so easily!
A patch of boulders nearby would give you a little shelter and protection. It’s getting cold though.
Daniel shivers
Daniel c…cold…I’m…
Otto Come, we could hide over there. Those boulders. I’ll wrap myself around you… You know body heat. We’ll keep each other warm.
Daniel if we… do get back… we should… try to… access the…
Daniel coughs heavily again and shivers
You huddle in the rocks and try to get some rest.
Daniel CON check please.
Campaign saved.
Daniel Constitution bonus [1d20+1 = 13]
Whisper recipient not found
GM [1d4 = 1]

Daniel wounds are bleeding again
Daniel although it is cold, you do manage to get some rest. You regain 2hp.
Although it’s cold during the night, you do manage to get some rest. You awake before sunrise.

Otto Come we have to get moving. Have some more Lemonade.
Daniel sleeps very restless *
*You can see your breath on the morning air. All around is barren scrubland. To the North West the scrubland gives way to a range of mountains.. where your vault is situated.

Daniel c…cold…it’s…
Otto hardly sleeps at all
Daniel shivers
Daniel sweats heavily
Daniel orange marks can be seen all over his body
Otto Yeah, I know it is, but moving will warm us up.
Daniel coughs heavily
Daniel w…
Daniel shivers heavily
Daniel tries to stand again
Daniel Constitution bonus [1d20+1 = 19]
Otto helps Daniel stand
Daniel you are in a little lesss pain than yesterday.
Otto Lets his brother lean against him and uses his strength to help him move
Daniel seems to stand more up straight than yesterday
Daniel l…move
Daniel ooc could you tell Ludo how to do player emotes?
Shaker (Daniel) alt is ooc
Daniel control is action
Daniel control-shift is emote
Otto (Otto) Thanks! ;)

You set off. Daniel seems less stiff now.. especially after you have been walking for an hour. You make better progress.
Shaker (Daniel) or you could type /o /a or /e
GM [1d20 = 6]
Daniel and /m for mood
‘Otto’ disconnected
FallenAngel ack! disconnected again.
FallenAngel gonna grab a tea while he reconnects.
Daniel oops
‘Otto’ connected
Shaker (Daniel) I’m in trouble I think
‘Shaker’ disconnected
‘Shaker’ connected
Shaker (Daniel) what did you last say, SP?
Campaign saved.
Shaker (Daniel) My screed FG did some weird things and I had to disconnect
Otto (Otto) Yeah, it seems as if the server crashed…
Shaker (Daniel) oh is sp here?
Otto I don’t think so.
Shaker (Daniel) we are :)
Otto (Otto) lol
FallenAngel I think it’s because we are using an old copy of the modern ruleset. There’s a more up-to-date one which ships with FG these days. I’ll transfer it over sometime.
FallenAngel Welcome back, BTW ;)
Otto (Otto) Thanks!
Shaker (Daniel) no problem sp
Daniel Constitution bonus [1d20+1 = 21]

You trave for about half a day. You’re making a better pace than yesterday, and after a while you stop for a rest.
It’s about mid-day, and as you rest you notice movement out on the scrubland.

Otto You seem to be doing better, Dano — Wait, what was that? Did you see that?
You are near a small rise, and you could climb up to get a better look.
Daniel see what?
Otto Here… Let’s climb up there. I think I saw movement down there.
Daniel yes.. it’s something…
Daniel you… do that…
You climb up, and from here can see more clearly.
Daniel is it headed for our way?
to the North East, a large predator is feeding. It’s about the size of a bull, and covered with dark, leathery skin. It has a wide mouth filled with many teeth, and two spiked horns thrust forward from it’s forehead. It’s gnawing on the bones of a kill. A cage of ribs stand up around it.
Otto Feels a shiver of fear and whispers to himself
Otto Damn!
Daniel something wrong?
Otto Crawls back carefully so as not to be seen
Daniel tries to sit up
Daniel you look… pale…. what’s up?
Otto Maybe… There some sort of vicious looking creature over there.
Daniel creature?
Daniel we… ought to get… out of here?
Otto It’s eating something it killed, so maybe we’ll be safe for a while, but we need to get moving
Otto Yes!
Daniel how far away is it?
Daniel can it hear us?
Daniel c…can it… smell us?
Otto a few hundred meters
Campaign saved.

Otto It’s a couple hundred meters to the Northeast…
Daniel I hope I won’t… cough…
Otto We’ll travel around it.
Daniel o… ok…
Daniel tries to stand
Otto It looks as if it has been eating for a while.
Otto Helps Daniel Stand
Daniel it…it’ll want… another meal… for sure
Otto Yes, but hopefully not for a while…
Daniel Constitution bonus [1d20+1 = 16]
Otto At least it doesn’t look radioactive…
Daniel hah… f…funny…
Otto Puts an arm around his brother’s shoulder and starts moving briskly
Daniel it… it’s been a while… since I had to spit out… pus…
Otto That’s a good sign, isn’t it?
You give the creature a wide-berth and continue on your way.
Daniel nods shakenly
Soon the planes give way to mountainside, and you climb up the path which leads to the vault. It’s dusk when you arrive. Looking down the long staircase that leads to the entrance all is still.
Otto Home again, home again…
The blast-door is closed. Next to the door is a fingerprint ID scanner.
Daniel why… oh why… did we ever leave…
Daniel it’s… shut!
Otto Because I wanted my limbs
Daniel heh
Otto What?
Otto Yeah, we’re going to have to get in… What’s the code? Do you recall?
Daniel Where are the other hangars?
ooc It’s a fingerprint ID scanner. you put your hand on it.
Daniel perhaps we… could find one… one… of them who isn’t… failing?
Daniel points at the scanner
Otto Maybe… Good idea!
Otto Puts his hand on the scanner
Daniel we are… two…two hundered… and
Daniel watch out for the med bot!
A synthesised female voice calls out…
Daniel Constitution bonus [1d20+1 = 13]
“Welcome back, unit Otto”
Daniel hah
Otto Thank you!
The huge metal blast door begins to roll to the side.
Daniel and now it’ll tell you “the doc has been waiting for you”
Otto Come on… Let’s get you cleaned up.
Otto Grabs his battle wrench
Otto Yeah, I’ll be ready for it
Daniel um… isn’t that… near the… medlab?
Otto Yes.
Daniel a…armory…
Daniel we should find it…
Daniel first…
Beyond the blast door is pitch black.
Otto Another very good idea…
There is no light within.
Daniel hey… that’s odd…
Otto Yeah…
Daniel never seen it so… dark…
The medlab lies at the back of the bunker, near to the CPU unit.
Daniel hope the door doens’t shut behind us…
Otto Wait… Let’s see if we can’t prop the door open
Daniel if it has some… kind of power…failure…
Daniel the… the door?
Daniel have… you seen the size of it?
The door looks like it weighs about a hundred tonnes. It’s enormous.
Otto Yeah… But there has to be something to block it.
Daniel it won’t even shut if we put the medbot in between…
Daniel perhaps shortcircuit it in a way?
Otto Maybe…
Daniel while hoping it won’t shut as default…
Computer Systems rebooting….
Daniel rebooting?
Otto Erm…
Daniel umh… let’s get outside of that door…
Otto Yeah…
Daniel runs away from the vault door
Lights flicker on, and soon the interior of the vault is visible.
Daniel watches from a safe distance
Otto Ah. It just shut down because there were no longer humans here
Daniel and… let there b… be light….
It looks clinically clean inside, in contrast to the world outside.
Otto Maybe the reboot helped the medbot?
Daniel i don’t like how you said “just”
Daniel heh… hope so… too…
Otto Come on, be ready with your weapon…
Daniel my… otto, bro… your… humor…
Daniel grabs his “handy rock” anyways
Daniel we search the armory?
FallenAngel Are you entering the vault now?
Otto (Otto) Yes

Daniel walks inside the vault
Daniel Computer, dim lights 75%
hesitantly, you step past the huge metal blast door, and into the corridors of the vault.
Computer lights now at 75%
Daniel looks around
The lights dim slightly

Daniel whispers it’s listening…
You walk through the lonely corirdors..
Otto *whispers*isn’t it supposed to?
FallenAngel Are you going to the decontamination chamber first or the armoury?
Daniel Computer, highlight the way to the Armory
FallenAngel ah ;)
Daniel whispers last time… it didn’t quite listen… remember?
The lights down one of the corridors dim leaving one option lit.
Otto …maybe the reboot helped?
Otto Shall we?
As you walk, you pass by a food vending machine. The hatch opens revealling a steaming plate of food.
Daniel hmm… I can’t help… but I don’t trust these wired things, when after they went ackward once…
Daniel oh my…
Daniel I… never thought…
Otto First things first: let’s get weapons
Daniel smell that!…
Daniel aye… but…
Otto Shut up!
Daniel fetches some food from the plate and eats a bit
Computer Unit Otto, synth roast dinner, 700g.
Daniel hmm… mmm.. .want… some?
Another hatch opens
Computer Unit Daniel, synth roast dinner, 650g.
Otto No! Yes! Daniel, come on. T the armory!
Daniel yes yes..; following
Daniel it’s feeding us again…
Otto That is what it does, isn’t it?
Daniel aye… supposed to do that, remember?
Otto When it’s not attempting to ampute things from me?
Nervously, you continue to the armoury. You hear the sound of the blast door closing and locking behind you.
Daniel whispers hush! Don’t speak of that!
Daniel looks behind him
The armoury security door is closed. There’s a finger-print ID unit to the side. Inside you can see racks of guns and armour.
Daniel looks behind him
Daniel that’s the blast door…
Otto Puts fingers to the ID unit
Shaker (Daniel) so there’s a window?
Shaker (Daniel) how breakable is it?
Computer Unit Otto, security level 1 is required to open the armory door. You do not have security level 1.
Daniel looks at the scanner anxiously
Daniel looks at the scanner anxiously
Otto You try, Daniel
Daniel Computer, tell me the location of the nearest security level 1 officer
Computer Unit gabriel.
The lighting in the corridors changes, showing a single lit route.
Daniel whispers Gabriel?
Daniel whispers have you ever heard of him?
Campaign saved.
Otto (Otto) Do we know who Gabriel is/was
Otto Erm…
FallenAngel no
Daniel Computer, tell me the age of Unit Gabriel
Computer Unit gabriel……
Computer Deceased.
Computer Age 47
‘Otto’ disconnected
Daniel sighs
Daniel whispers Isn’t there some kind of emergency protocol for situations like this?
FallenAngel Ludo has disconnected.
Shaker (Daniel) woops didn’t notice
Shaker (Daniel) guess we’ll have to stop anyway
‘Otto’ connected
Computer I’ll re-iterate what he has missed.
FallenAngel I’ll re-iterate what he has missed.
Shaker (Daniel) I can go on for another half hour perhaps, though
FallenAngel and you can RP for another 5 mins or so. I can’t play much longer.
Computer Welcome back.
Otto thanks
FallenAngel Welcome back.
Campaign saved.
Shaker (Daniel) heh guess, I realy shouldn’t neither
FallenAngel i’ll just re-iterate what you missed.
Shaker (Daniel) hello there
Otto (Otto) thanks!
Daniel asked how old Gabriel was…
Computer Unit Gabriel…
Computer Deceased.
Computer Age 47.
Daniel whispers Isn’t there some kind of emergency protocol for situations like this?
Daniel sighs
Otto Computer, how do we gain access to armory?
Computer Armory access is reserved for clearance level 1 personnel.
Otto How do we become level 1?
Daniel I guess someone should grant it to us
Daniel let’s try something
Computer Clearance level may be promoted only by officer class personnel.
Daniel Computer, activate emergency protocol
Daniel whispers let’s cross our fingers…
Computer Please speak emergency protocol password.
Computer Authorisation window 5
Campaign saved.
Computer 4
Computer 3
Computer 2
Daniel gabriel
Otto Computer, what is the emergency protocol password?
Computer 1
Computer Alert threat stand-down.
Daniel laughs
Computer Emergency protocol password is restricted information unit Otto.
Otto How do I gain access, computer?
Computer Statement ambiguous. Please re-phrase.
Daniel Computer, what is the number of this block?
Daniel whisper I’ll try something else…
Daniel whisper what can we do with our limited access? open doors? shut down power?
Computer This is vault 243, created by eden industries design copywright Wilf Barnett, 12 Jan 2022
Daniel Computer, what is the nearest neighbouring vault?
Computer The closest vault is vault 242.
Campaign saved.
Daniel Computer, what is the distance to vault 242?
Computer Vault 242 lies 40km from vault 243.
Daniel sighs
Otto Computer, how do I gain access to the armory?
Computer Armoury access may be granted by officer class personnell.
Daniel Computer, how many people alive are there in vault 242?
Computer 0
Daniel Computer, what is the nearest vault with at least 1 person alive?
Computer Processing.. please wait.
Daniel whispers I’m just trying to fetch some info here… before we start to destroy stuff you know winks
Computer The nearest vault with 1 person alive is vault 243.
Campaign saved.
Daniel whispers I don’t think the computer will be so nice after we broke into the armory…
Daniel whispers any more questions?
FallenAngel Guys, I’m going to leave it there for tonight.
Otto Okay.
Shaker (Daniel) okay, at least we’re further… or back to off… :)
FallenAngel Sorry about the technical hiccups this evening, but at least we got to play.
Otto Yes!
FallenAngel Hope you both had fun anyway.
Shaker (Daniel) we should try to continue this more often, it’s fun playing it again
Otto I did!
FallenAngel Yeah I like this setting. Bleak.. and with some interesting twists you have yet to discover I think..
Shaker (Daniel) see you all next week… hope in a cathyr session though :)
Otto (Otto) good night
FallenAngel Yeah hopefully ;)
FallenAngel Night! take care!
Shaker (Daniel) at least we have a vault for guilden now :p
Otto lol
FallenAngel heh
Shaker (Daniel) night all :)
FallenAngel Goodnight!
‘Shaker’ disconnected
Otto Good night!
‘Otto’ disconnected
Campaign saved.


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